OPC 53 Grade Cement

PANYAM 53 Grade Cement is a prime brand cement with remarkably high C3S(Tri Calcium Silicate) providing long lasting durability to concrete structures.


Gives more flexibility to architects and engineers to design sleeker and economical sections.

Develops high early strength so that form work of slabs and beams can be removed much earlier resulting in faster speed of construction and saving in centering cost.

Produces highly durable and sound concrete due to very low percentage of alkalis, chlorides, magnesia and free lime in its composition.

Almost negligible chloride content results in restraining corrosion of concrete structure in hostile environment.

Significant saving in cement consumption while making concrete of grades M15, M20 & M25 and pre-cast segments due to high early strength.

Ideal applications:

High-rise buildings, residential, commercial and industrial complexes

Roads, runways, bridges and flyovers.

For heavy defense structures like bunkers

Pre-stressed concrete structures.

Panyam OPC 53 Grade

Test Report

DescriptionFACTORY TEST RESULTSRequirements as per IS : 12269-87
1. Loss on Ignition % 1.424.0 max
2. MgO %0.906.0 max
3. SO3 %1.983.0 max
4. Insoluble Residue %1.023.0 max
5. Alumina Modulus1.470.66 min
6. Lime Saturation Factor0.910.80 - 1.02
7. Chloride Content %0.040.1 max
1. Fineness( m²/Kg )282225 min
2. Setting Time( minutes )
Initial :11030 min
Final :160600 max
3. Compressive Strength( Mpa )
3days3527 min
7days4837 min
28days6253 min
4. Soundness
Lechatelier Expansion( mm )110 max
Autoclave Expansion( % )0.060.8 max
Room Temperature( ºC )2827±2ºC


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