PPC Cement is the popular brand cement with low heat of hydration and long life of Concrete Structures.


Develop early strength at 3 and 7 days with exceptionally high 28 days strength. Form work of slabs and beams can be removed much earlier which results in increased speed of construction.

Unbeatable consistency in quality gives better accountability for mix design.

The higher characteristics strength of concrete leads to higher bond strength minimizing the possibility of slippage of reinforcements.

Its high fineness offers better workability for a given water cement ratio ensuring very dense, compact and durable concrete.

Being the low alkali cement it provides insurance against alkali-aggregate reaction, this results in durable structures.

Ideal applications:

Residential and commercial complex

PCC solid and hollow blocks

Defense Constructions


Cement tanks

Asbestos cement products

Concrete roads and Ferro-cement concrete elements

Panyam PPC

Test Report

DescriptionFACTORY TEST RESULTSRequirements as per IS : 1489(Pt-1)-91
1. Loss on Ignition % 1.365.0 max
2. MgO %0.916.0 max
3. SO3 %2.043.0 max
4. Insoluble Residue %17.96-
5. Chloride Content %0.060.1 max
1. Fineness Specific Surface( m²/Kg )314300 min
2. Setting Time( minutes )
Initial:11030 min
Final:160600 max
3. Compressive Strength( Mpa )
3days2316 min
7days3022 min
28days4833 min
4. Soundness
Lechatelier Expansion( mm )110 max
Autoclave Expansion( % )0.060.8 max
5. Drying Shrinkage( % )yet to come0.15 max
Room Temperature( ºC )2827±2ºC


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